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Tony & Lin Causer Fri 2nd Jul 2021

The Kettle is on , the marque is up all we need are the boys back in town

Marquee? Kettle? This is sounding better than a gig!😉

Brian Fox Thu 1st Jul 2021

The best musical tribute, by miles, at the ‘96 Vibe. Also remember Wayne being gracious to those of us (okay, me) from the Official Supporters Club waiting a very long time, in a very long line, to meet the Lizzy lads. As Wayne was only 12 at the time, we were especially impressed. Cheers from the US, all these years later.

Haha - yes Brian, Wayne was SO much younger back then! Wasn't that such a great event? We're overdue a catch-up!

Steve Taylor Mon 21st Jun 2021

Hi guys, hoping to see you again either down in the South West, or at the Holmfirth gig later in the year. Doesn't seem 23 years since I first saw you in the Half Moon, Putney!

23 years!😱 We must've started the band when Wayne was 15…😬

MIKE & LAURA GLEESON Mon 21st Jun 2021

Lookin' forward to seeing the boys back in town...namely Leicester on 13 November which is Laura's birthday. Still going to be requesting Still In Love With You xxx

Bring it on, guys - and make sure you you let us know it's Laura's birthday!

Mark Doz Mon 21st Jun 2021

.... so, the "opener" at the Robin2 has now been re-scheduled for 31st July - never fear, Chaps .... we'll all be there for a rockin' Black Country night out !! ... CYA then :D

we're totally relying on it Mark - we need ya!

John Hanley Fri 18th Jun 2021

Hurry Back. 👍

Will do, John. Be so good to see you all again🙏🏾

Mike Grant Tue 15th Jun 2021

Ticket bought for the Brook, Southampton, seeing as Doris & his cronies have now extended lockdown will the show be rescheduled & is my ticket valid for the new date or will I need to ask for a refund & start again, gutted 🤬🤬🤬

Rest easy Mike - we believe tickets remain valid for the reschedule!

Ash Davis Sun 13th Jun 2021

Can we still buy tickets for 22nd in Portsmouth I’m looking for two?

Hi Ash - yes, tickets are available for Portsmouth. Try this link - https://www.limehouselizzy.co.uk/tour/portsmouth/1401 - or go to our Tour Dates page from the menu and click on the ‘More Info’ tab for Portsmouth. See ya there?😉

Paula Sat 5th Jun 2021

Hi what date was the 25th April 2020 Portsmouth gig rescheduled for? I know it was rescheduled for Feb 2021 but obviously this didn’t go ahead! Thanks Paula

Hi! This show is now on 22nd Oct 2021, full details here: https://www.limehouselizzy.co.uk/tour/portsmouth/1401 :)

Baz and Jude Halsted Fri 4th Jun 2021

Hoping to get to see you this year health permitting I can’t wait

See you soon Baz and Jude! :)