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Tony gibbo Tue 30th Nov 2021

I am a old orginal loyal LIZZY fan and have seen the fantastic LIMEHOUSE boys several times at the half moon they made me feel like I was back there in the 70s &80s ,f .ING great nite and great band god bless you boys long may you carry on see you in April 2022 cheers!!!...

HEY GIBBO! It's for the ‘old loyal Lizzy fans’ (like some in the band!) that we originally started Limehouse for - glad you enjoyed it, pal. See you in April

Andrew Sun 28th Nov 2021

Amazing as always at 1865 on Friday night, can't wait for Frome and The Brook next year. Thanks also to the guys for chatting at the end of the night, appreciated your time!!!

You're welcome Andrew, it's always great to meet you guys

Phil C Sun 28th Nov 2021

Missed your last gig in 2019. Can`t wait for March .... Tickets booked. Just rock Rochdale guys as always.

We dare say Rochdale will be royally rocked, Phil - we're finding form!

Jo Sat 27th Nov 2021

Was great to see you at 1865 Southampton Been atleast 11 yrs since last seen you! Still putting on a great show. Can't wait to see you at The Brook ,April 22

Bring on The Brook, Jo - been way too long!

Adrian Sat 27th Nov 2021

Fantastic night last at 1865 Southampton. Seen you about 20yrs ago and still sounds as brilliant as back then. Great show guys. Thanks 😊 🙏 😊

Thanks Adrian, glad you're still coming seeing us after all these years! April 8th at The Brook?

John N Sat 27th Nov 2021

Great to see you guy's last night in Southampton. you all work so hard, and thank you!!!

Thanks John - it seems less like hard work when you love it!😉

Howard and Alison Fri 26th Nov 2021

Belated note to say thank you for a great night at The Stables. 2 1/2 hours of bliss in the front row singing along (as ever good thing nobody can hear me). Only just realised Julian had left us. Hope he’s still rocking - miss Get It On at the end of the gig. May see you at The Horns. Might you ever play Sugar Blues?

Hey Guys - you remember Get It On? Whilst we loved doing it, we got so much flak from ‘true’ Thin Lizzy fans, we had to drop it. Shame! The Stables was an absolute banger though, wasn't it?

Al Fri 26th Nov 2021

I saw the band for the first time at Leek, absolutely brilliant….!

Thanks for your support on the night, Al

Vince Fri 26th Nov 2021

Hello, saw you for the first time last night, supporting Sweet, in Brighton. I never saw Thin Lizzy live, but you guys were amazing. I really loved the Gary Moore duet, Out in the Fields. We have a lovely Beer Festival in Oxted which would benefit from you guys playing at. I was almost disappointed when Sweet took over (almost :-) ) We are looking forward to seeing you again. Vince and Kim

Hi Guys, many thanks for the compliments and great to see you at your first Limehouse gig. If you have any details of the Oxted Beer festival, by all means wing ‘em across and we’ll get in touch! See you sometime soon - April 8th at The Brook maybe?

Hannah Read Mon 22nd Nov 2021

You Guys Brought The House Down at The Stables MK Thursday OMG it was so Awesome I Can’t Wait For The Sweet Tour ! Can’t Wait to see you in 2022

Always a pleasure to see you, young Hannah - possibly the most dedicated Lizzy fan on the planet!