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Nudge Tue 10th Aug 2021

Ayup Wayne and the gang, bin a long time so gonna see you at Rock City, looking forward to rocking along with yer again, its bin years. Cant remember how many times I've seen you at various gigs including with Brian Robertson as the Clan at Storming the Castle and the Vibe for Philos and the Olympia in Dublin. Remember sharing a beer with yer outside the Olympia. Really looking forward to it, give it some welly boys.

Hey Nudge, long time fella! ROCK CITY with The Sweet - a yearning for the old days, eh mate?😉

Pam charles Sun 8th Aug 2021

Sooo loved seeing you guys at Whitby last night. You have been missed. A great night and what a drum solo!! There was just 2 small problems... I had to stay seated right until Whisky and I really wanted to be moving!! And Wayne still no Wild One... But still a fantastic night and I have my tickets and dancing shoes ready for Darlington. Can't wait as well to see you again in Mickleton, hope we get a date soon. Thanks again guys you keep the music alive and give us fans great enjoyment.

Hi Pam, so glad you enjoyed the performance - it truly was great to be back performing. Sorry about the seating - that's theatres for you and that's one of the reasons we don't play them as frequently! As for Wild One, watch this space…😉

Yorkshire Paul Thu 5th Aug 2021

Fantastic news that you are back on tour. Devastated that I am overseas and will miss the York gig. Hope to catch up with you guys In Sheffield and I am sure that you will continue to nail every song - Phil would approve. - Have a Sweet time

Ahh Paul - such a shame you missed it, bud. And yes, we're sure you can tell from all the blurb, it was a good 'un! Safe travels and hope to see you real soon

Jess, Richard and Paula Sat 31st Jul 2021

Best birthday do ever!, First live band we have seen after Covid, was brill seeing them at Birdwell, had an ace night! Will be seeing these guys again, they are a brilliant dedication to Thin lizzy :) Can tell they are a very hard working tribute band! Thank you for the music last night! Keep doing what your doing :)

Hi Guys - thank you so much for your kind comments, it means so much to us after such a long lay off. And your support on the night was nothing short of brilliant, it really helped lift our performance. 'Til the next time! ♥️♠️♦️♣️

Paul Wed 7th Jul 2021

First saw Lizzy in Hammersmith Odeon in 1977 and then every year at the Rainbow or Hammersmith until there last show at the odeon in 1983. Limehouse Lizzy are as close to the real thing as I remember, great musicians and massive energy on stage…..long may you continue!!! Looking forward to Watford & Putney 2021!!

Wow, Paul - can we still live up to those kind accolades? You bet - see ya there! 

Zebedee Sun 4th Jul 2021

Hey guys. It's been too long.. looking forward to seeing you soon. Double Javed and ready.

Looking forward to it Zeb - in rehearsals as we speak!

Tony & Lin Causer Fri 2nd Jul 2021

The Kettle is on , the marque is up all we need are the boys back in town

Marquee? Kettle? This is sounding better than a gig!😉

Brian Fox Thu 1st Jul 2021

The best musical tribute, by miles, at the ‘96 Vibe. Also remember Wayne being gracious to those of us (okay, me) from the Official Supporters Club waiting a very long time, in a very long line, to meet the Lizzy lads. As Wayne was only 12 at the time, we were especially impressed. Cheers from the US, all these years later.

Haha - yes Brian, Wayne was SO much younger back then! Wasn't that such a great event? We're overdue a catch-up!

Steve Taylor Mon 21st Jun 2021

Hi guys, hoping to see you again either down in the South West, or at the Holmfirth gig later in the year. Doesn't seem 23 years since I first saw you in the Half Moon, Putney!

23 years!😱 We must've started the band when Wayne was 15…😬

MIKE & LAURA GLEESON Mon 21st Jun 2021

Lookin' forward to seeing the boys back in town...namely Leicester on 13 November which is Laura's birthday. Still going to be requesting Still In Love With You xxx

Bring it on, guys - and make sure you you let us know it's Laura's birthday!