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Chris Reehill Wed 28th Apr 2021

Is it true that Wayne and Greg used to be in Brian Robertsons band?

yes Chris, that is correct. Wayne was Robbo's bass player and Greg was his tech manager!

Tony Causer Sun 23rd Aug 2020

Hi Limehouse .hope you all keeping well and have managed to survive these poor times , desperate to see all you guys again just wondered if you had any ideas on possible start back dates ? Cheers Tony & Lin

Coopes Fri 19th Jun 2020

Seriously missing my Limehouse fixes, lets hope all is back to normal soon.

Still one good thing you'll be able to practise a few new songs(Bad Habits, Tiger Feet etc.) and be bouncing back with batteries fully charged doing two gigs per day over the next 6 months to keep everybody happy. Enjoy the break guys, hopefully for us it won't last too much longer.

Chrissy Sat 13th Jun 2020

Hi guys. We have tickets for the gig in Newcastle scheduled for the 5th June. Is this rescheduled please?

Hi, this show has been rescheduled for 4th June 2021, all tickets remain valid, hope to see you there! :)

Josie Fri 12th Jun 2020

Hi I had booked for 18th April, 2020 at The Rescue Rooms Nottingham but this did not go ahead due to covid-19, has this been rearranged and if so will my Passcode still be usable.

Many thanks 

Hi, This show has been rescheduled to 30th April 2021, and all tickets remain vaild, so keep hold of your code! Many thanks :)

Lucinda Sun 31st May 2020


Please can you let me know if the gig in Tavistock on 10th July is going ahead? If not, do you have a rescheduled date?  

Hi Lucinda, at thtis moment, officially the gig is still going ahead, although we're unsure if it actually will. Check back with us or the venue nearer the end of this month? 

Paula Sat 30th May 2020

Hi what date was the 245th April Portsmouth gig rescheduled for? 

Hi Paula the new date us February 12th 2021, which does seem a way off but if you have a ticket and have kept it, you'll avoid an almost inevitable price increase! Hopefully see you there 

Sharon Thu 28th May 2020

Hey guys  any update on  the Bridwater gig on July 11th ?  

Whilst we haven't heard from the venue themselves a the moment Sharon, our feeling is it will be off, unfortunately. If you've bought a ticket you can either apply for a refund from the vendor, or keep hold og it for the reschedule 

JMG Tue 12th May 2020

Hi, I have received no info on the Diss gig which is due to take place in 10 days. Please can you advise as I am assuming this will not be going ahead!

Hi, apologies for any delay, but this show has now been re-scheduled for Thursday 13th May 2021, all tickets remain valid.

david britten Mon 27th Apr 2020

please can you let me know if the Frome gig this friday has been re-scheduled as i already have a ticket



Hi, the Cheese and Grain Frome show has now been re-scheduled to 7th May 2021, all tickets remain valid, hope you can make the new date! Any queries please email limehouselizzy@yahoo.com