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May News:

A socially-distanced Welcome to all of you - 
breathed at you through an N95 surgical mask, naturally…
The devil is still making work for our idle hands, keeping us busy with the process of rescheduling dates. Many of our venues and promoters remain cautious about cancelling dates in light of a lack of definite official dates and timelines for the medium to long term future.
And of course, it would at this moment be merely a crystal ball gazing exercise to attempt to predict when our first shows back would be. But as seemingly everywhere is gearing up for a gradual, yet rightfully cautious return to work, we likewise are hoping to see shifts in our working structure to accommodate a return in the not too distant?  
In the meantime, we cannot thank enough those of of you who have retained your tickets for a reschedule. It helps the bands, the venues and the industry overall, who are not only currently still unemployed but may well be one of the last sectors to return to our profession to resume earning a living, given the current recommendations.
Please check out our tour dates ( and re-scheduled shows) here: http://www.limehouselizzy.co.uk/tour-dates
Meanwhile, as a little throwback, check out a picture of the plaque we presented to Dave ‘Hard Rock’ Harvey on our social media pages on, interestingly enough, our last gig before the lockdown. Dave is quite possibly the most loyal and longest serving Thin/Limehouse Lizzy fan, having seen both acts right from their very beginnings. He not only is a regular supporter when we’re south of the border, he also made an incredibly generous donation when we had all of our gear stolen this time last year, for which we’ll be eternally grateful. The least we could do was honour him with the plaque to mark his gesture, which will be mounted on the new backdrop.
And finally, hopefully by now you’ll have seen our ‘Car Pool Karaoke’ video post of another uber-Lizzy fan and big Limehouse mate, Julian Sciberras, lip-synching to The Boys Are Back In Town…with some interesting results at around 1m 30 seconds! But it did give us the idea that if any of you want to do similar - without a scratched CD! - and send it on to us, we’d be only too happy to post it on our social media and hopefully make instant viral (pardon the pun) stars out of you? Go on, do it, even if it’s a gang of you - but it HAS to be a Thin Lizzy tune!
Check it out!  https://www.facebook.com/limehouselizzy/videos/382956415980995/
So, hang in with us, peeps - we’ll be back atcha before you can say “have you had your COVID-jab?”
Stay tuned, stay in touch, stay safe - 

October 2019 News...

ARE YOU OUT THERE? LAST CALL for this week’s gigs, especially hot on the heels of last weeks’s 2 epic sell-outs.

SWAN-SONG…this Friday 4th sees a welcome and exciting return to Swansea, South Wales in the form of THE PATTI PAVILLION, which has recently been re-imagined as a live music venue. We played there, oooh, years ago - c’mon, you know that, yes, we are THAT old - and it was a top venue back then. The venue has told us that tickets sales are looking ‘very robust’ and also to expect a sizeable walk-up. Bring it on, we say!

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK…Saturday 5th sees a return to THE EMPIRE THEATRE in Blackburn, why almost a mere stroll away from our knobhead singist, Wayne. Check back on one of our recent Instagram posts to see how beautiful this theatre is - very atmospheric. Suitably, the band have promised a scaled down version of Kiss Me Kate as a warm up….

Shall we take a sneak-a-peek into the Faberge´ Egg that is October?

WITNEY WHO’S-TURN…Oxford, once a stronghold for LL, has proved slightly patchy of late in finding a consistent ‘home’. However, the excellent Mill Arts Centre in Banbury (next February 7th) aside, where we’ve had countless sell-outs over the years, there’s been a little midweek venue stealth-creeping up on the outside which is now turning into a great gig. We’re speaking of the ignominiously-but-gloriously monikored FAT LILS in Witney on Thursday 17th…

GONE BUT NOT FOR COTTON…is there any point in mentioning THE COTTON CLUB in Dartford on Friday 18th? Apart from the fact that it’s a textbook club venue, it’s now well documented that this gig sold out in advance weeks ago. So mentioning it yet again it would be just piling on the agony for all those who have been clamouring for tickets since. So we shan’t.

GIGGIN’ IN THE RIGGIN’…THE RIGGER in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffs., is fast taking over as a go-to venue for us in an area that has given us some truly memorable venues over the years. The BBC2 ‘Into The Limelight’ tribute documentary which centred on the legendary (but now sadly defunct) Limelight Club, in which we were fortunate enough to feature heavily, was filmed in nearby Crewe and highlighted a great rock music scene centering in and around the Staffordshire/Potteries area (aren’t you just loving the history lesson?). Come see us there on Saturday 20th to help us keep rock’s dream alive, duck…

GOING SOUTH(PORT)BOUND….Friday 25th sees us in the heart of the once-genteel seaside hamlet of Southport for another visit to the equally genteel ATKINSON ARTS CENTRE. A beautiful venue with acoustically treated music rooms gives a perfect platform to hear how we can totally mullah the songs of Thin Lizzy…

B’RUDE NOT TO…..bringing October’s gigs to a close - and in some spectacular fashion - is the mighty BRUDENELL SOCIAL CLUB. A slackers paradise by day and a hip and contemporary band after dusk, our last gig there was was a total roof-raiser. Well, with being on the doorstep of the bonkers Yorkshire Barmy Army massive - what else would you expect? Tickets are rocketing out as we speak…

HOLMFIRTH BOUND….at risk of being a tad previous, we’re obliged to give a mention to what is becoming our almost traditional Christmas Hoedown at the heaven-on-earth gig that is the HOLMFIRTH PICTUREDROME on December 28th, nestling beautifully between the Christmas and New Year festivities. Not least because we’re brimming with excitement to announce that our Very Special Guests are none other than the delectable WOMEN IN ROCK, who are causing quite a stir on the live circuit, if you didn’t already know, with their visually and aurally stunning renditions of the biggest female-fronted hits in rock. This gig will be NOTHING SHORT OF SPECTACULAR!!

’Til the next time…