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Cha’ mon, y’all –

tighty-whities, budgie-smugglers, uplifters, spanx belly trainers at the ready…IT’S SUMMER! And check us out leading the charge with our recent foray to St Tropez for the Harley Davidson Euro Rally.


Another hard day at the office…

It was a kick-ass weekend lineup, with us sharing the bill with none other than Mott the Hoople/Bad Company legend MICK RALPHS. So, aside from largin’ it in the sun on our beach hut veranda sipping mojitos and Colt 45’s (and a celebratory, if cautious, Warninks advocaat for Julian, natch…), we also got to hear some of the finest ‘choons in classic rock history – ‘Feel Like Making Love’ and ‘Can’t Get Enough of Your Love’ amongst others. Mick, Dickie and the band were all top chaps too, great having a drink and a chat with them all after. For one special moment we actually felt like a real band….sigh.


Limehouse HQ in St Tropez

It truly was a gig to die for, massive thanks to Suzanne and her team for putting together and involving us in such a magnificent event – and good job we flew out early after fog at Nice airport saw us diverted to Marseille (read: Limehouse in ‘actually on time’ shocker!)…


Whilst our last gig was an epic event of gargantuan gravitas, brobdinagian boisterousness, preponderous proportion, and generally an all round reet good time chuck, it was also tinged and tainted with a slight misty veil of sadness, imbued with a searing sense of loss and longing when we played the Corn Hall in Diss (why, is that the Simon Bates ‘Our Tune’ music we hear in the distance?). A fantastic turnout, but alas the venue is a listed building and must now close for some extensive repair work. The timescale for this is uncertain at the moment, but we are hoping to make a return in 2017, and wish Angela and all the staff there the very best, we know the Corn Hall will be back. Bigger. Better. Stronger. Faster. And totally bionic once we have rebuilt her. Him? It!

Seaside special

Got the chance to catch up with a couple of Blighty’s bestest tribs when we played at the Giants of Rock event in Southend. Openers were our old buddies ‘Who’s Who’ (some of you will have seen us with them last year at Conkers Ampitheatre in Moira last year). Yes bwoy, a powerhouse of a set that got the crowd fully pumped ‘n’ primed for a full dose of Limehouse, then to close proceedings we had ‘Not the Rolling Stones’ camping it up with moo-ooh-ooh-oves like Jagger, and a knockout set of Stones classics from across the years.

Justice for all…

And a special mention for all of you who rocked up and out at our show at Colchester Arts Centre! We had one of our favourite original acts and Honorary Limehouse Brother, TOMMY JUSTICE – he of the old rocker head on handsome young shoulders – as special guest, and it was HEAVING! Both bands were filming their sets, and we hope to have some live footage up very soon.

Live Life…

And finally, just a quick mention of a couple of new venues for us – always a joyous occasion, what with so many independent still feeling the squeeze and some sadly, even going under. September 25th sees our inaugural at THE ALDRIDGE ARENA in Walsall in the Midlands. And the night before on September 24th, we make our debut at THE LOVESHACK, Durham. Lastly (but not leastly) we also have a new venue in Ipswich – make sure you get down to the MUSIC ROOM on October 10th!! So chaps and chapesses, your patronage and support in that kindly way that you do, will be very much appreciated and welcomed.


We’ve just had a cancellation on SATURDAY 26th SEPTEMBER by a promoter who’s just lost his venue in a bizarre gardening accident. Any venue, promoters or agencies reading that feel they can help us fill this date will not only receive our heartfelt gratitude but also full promotional support by way of national press advertising, e-newsletter and social media support (Facebook,Twitter, Instagram etc) and enough posters and flyers to make a paper-mâché arc to sail into the sunset and bog off with the rich pickings at the end of the night….

Fancy it? Contact us at limehouselizzy@yahoo.co.uk or via our Facebook page, whichever suits.

All our tour dates down to the end of October are on our 'TOUR DATES' page, so pin ‘em on your fridge, tatt ‘em on the inside of your eyelids, screen save ‘em on your phone, scribe ‘em on the bedroom ceiling (but make sure it’s your own!) and…generally anywhere to keep ‘em in mind…

‘Til the next time…

Wayne, Greg, Tim and Lee


Welcome, Lizzy Lovers!


We came. We performed. And in the words of the Funkadelic maestro George Clinton, WE TORE THE ROOF OF DA SUCKA! Yes, what was definitely the biggest, hardest edged and, well, most badass tour we have ever been involved with, the mighty, “Jailbreak 2015” tour with our sparring partners Livewire the AC/DC show, drew to a close last month. Highlights? Well, they were aplenty but we couldn’t choose between the 2 biggest – the ABC Glasgow, and Shepherds Bush Empire, and here’s why…


Glasgow turned out in force and rocked hard! Pic by John, Livewire’s FOH engineer


Shepherds Bush Empire was mobbed! Photo by Sarah Gentil.

So, London and Glasgow, if you enjoyed these gigs, but want to witness the full Limehouse set in all its 3D glory, lookout for the following dates:-

A blockbusting return to London, with our only show ‘up the smoke’ this summer/autumn, we play the legendary Garage in Highbury, London on Sat 4th July.


And for the Glasgow massive, pin a note to the fridge that we are boarding the equally legendary Ferry, Anderston Quay, Glasgow on 1st Oct.


So well received was this tour that rumour, speculation, intimation, hints and innuendo already abound in the darkened corridors of power about a possible repeat next year. We’ll deffo keep you posted. But meanwhile, a heartfelt thanks to all of you in the Limehouse posse who turned out and showed support – you did us proud! And also our Special Forces Crew – Matt, Hard-Rock Harvey (Dave), Nayab and Ben who were simply magnificent in our hour of need, as usual!


Hmm, we’ve had a gig drop-out on Saturday 19th June. As we have done previously (with fantastic success!), we’re asking if there’s any venues or willing promoters out there who’d like to work with us to fill the date? We give full promotional from local to national backup and support and just ask that any venue that we work with undertake local promotion with the posters and flyers we will provide. Hey and not too far north – we’ve got to be in Southend the day after (beggars? choosy? Dunno what you mean…!). We’ve also had the same for Saturday 10th October, a cancellation, so the same applies if you’re up for it?

‘Til the next time…

Wayne, Greg, Tim and Lee