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Bad moon rising...      20th November 2009, 7:04pm

Very sad news, it appears that one of London's most venerable and much loved venue's is set to close. Here's what the venue have to say:-

It appears that what they really need on an immediate basis is people to support their gigs. Limehouse Lizzy will be there on 17th December, so come on down, and don't let it become a Young's bistro.

There are some tickets left, please follow the link:-

Rhodes closed...It is now confirmed that Limehouse Lizzy will NOT be appearing at the Rhodes Rock Festival 2010 in Lindos. However, our appearance at the annual reunion at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton is a definite, with ticket sales for that event starting to go mental....

Can't Face it...an apology from Wayne is always worth listening to, even just for its' scarcity value! Hear the Big-Mouthed One speak: "apologies to all those who have so kindly asked to befriend me on Facebook. Thing is, I've had an account for about a year and never used it - I've even forgotten the password! Facebook looks like too much fun and I think I would get carried away and waste much of my days on it - so I consciously decided to avoid it. Anyone interested can keep in touch through the band Facebook site - but thanks anyway, it's really nice to know you thought of me!" Yes mate but they didn't tell you WHAT they thought of you...

FOR THOSE WHO ROCKED!      13th October 2009, 4:19pm

A heartfelt THANK YOU to those of you whose attendance helped make ‘FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK’, our double-headline tour with Livewire DC, a colossus of an event!

We had an absolute blast and want to extend our gratitude to Livewire themselves for not only being amongst the most ego-free, friendly, easiest bunch to work with but also for being awesome entertainment for us, after we finished our set. Yes, we were there out front each night, being blown away with the rest of you!

And there’s more – not only do we still have a two-night special of the same coming up at The Wharf Arts Centre in Tavistock on the 26th & 27th of November, we also have another Lizzy/DC double header at none other than St David’s Hall in Cardiff on Saturday 23rd January 2010. This tour has featured both bands playing the cream of their respective tributes at some of the best venues in the country, with full production, pyrotechnics, cannons, leather, backdrops and, erm…half-naked men! It doesn’t get any better than this!
Also, don't forget, our Rhodes To Wulfrun II' reunion gig at the Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton is on the 27th Feb 2010. Already, this event is now being touted as the annual precursor to the actual ‘RhodesRock’ festival itself in June, serving as an actual living colour sampler of what to expect out there in Greece. Even bigger in 2010, the bill features guest slots from this year’s Rhodes stars ‘A Foreigners Journey’, ‘Free Spirit’ and ‘ZZ Tops’, as well as last year’s stellar cast 'Letz Zep', 'Are You Exerienced?' and your humble Thin Lizzy servants. To purchase tickets at the cheaper advance price, please follow the link...


St. Patrick’s hat-trick...due to the unbelievable reception we have had over the years on Merseyside (Pacific Road Arts Centre, the Cavern, 02 Academy et al) we have decided to stage a St Patrick’s Day Celtic triple bill at Liverpool 02 Academy on March 17th 2010.
Opening proceedings and keeping it real & authentic will be Irish trad/ceili rascals 'Beer for Breakfast', we then stagger forwards into stadium rock with 'Rattle and Hum' the awesome U2 tribute (who played at Rock Radio's birthday bash with us). Last orders on the night come from yours truly, with a full measure of Philo's finest Celtic rock. To purchase tickets at the cheaper advance price, please follow the link...



Twitter ye not!...on Twitter? Join our Twitter updates at www.twitter.com/limehouselizzy. As you may know, we send out regular bulletins, blogs, ticket news, tour dates etc. these updates are automatically going up on Twitter now, so sign up if you want in on the latest gossip here at Limehouse Towers...

Merchandise - We have just re-stocked on merchandise, please visit our online shop for further info... http://www.limehouselizzy.co.uk/shop.php

Finally, all our tour dates follow below, and we have updated the list to include all shows down to the end of 2009. Remember, if you can’t get enough of Tim’s hair, Greg’s wah-wah, Wayne’s bulges, or a good pounding from Foxy, our ‘standalone’ shows feature nigh on 2 hours worth of Lizzy’s best, from albums to singles, pyro to glitter, leather to studs, Alibi to…Zuicide (?), so if you can’t make the multi-band bills, come see us anyway!

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK!      15th September 2009, 2:52pm

Our biggest, baddest tour to date is now underway!

Limehouse and the mighty Livewire DC have left Liverpool 02, Nottingham Rock City and the Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall smouldering at the weekend! Fantastic gigs and a great time was had by all. Thanks to all of you who attended, we indeed salute you!

Next stops on this blockbusting tour are Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and Sheffield this week. So don't miss out...

As a band that started out in London, the big one for us is going to be the 26th Sept at Shepherds Bush 02 Empire. Tickets have gone crazy on this one. Come on down and see us play our biggest ever London show! We expect a lot of familiar faces from 'the smoke' to be turning up so we'll see you all at the bar after. Some tickets still available just follow the link...

NEW MERCHANDISE - New merchandise now on sale! We've got a new 'Black Rose' T-shirt, and a 'Live and Dangerous' design too! Its all official merchandise check it out...

RHODES TO WULFRUN -Our very own Rhodes Rock Re-union is taking place on 27th Feb 2010. Yes its Limehouse Lizzy, Are You Experienced, Letz Zep, ZZ tops and Foreigners Journey. The Rhodes '09 lineup hits the UK for the first time! If you couldn't get to Rhodes, or you want to check the band's out before next years festival come on down. If you were out there in '09, then you'll be coming along anyway. All the usual suspects are coming too (George, Alex, Eddie, Elaine and a certain Mr J Daniels). Tickets on sale now...

Happy Birthday, Philo!      20th August 2009, 2:35pm
He would have been 60 today...but his music is still as young, vibrant, timeless and relevant as it ever was. Happy Birthday Phil - The Rocker - from your fans, Limehouse Lizzy!
Skipton skipped!      25th June 2009, 2:21am

Sincerest apologies to all of the faithful who attended the Sizzling Fest at Skipton, only to find that the show had to be cancelled. This was due to the unfortunate occurrence of the PA crew being involved in an accident en route to the festival. It has been rescheduled for 17th October 2009 - all tickets purchased will be honoured, or refunded. Please contact Anthea Ratlin-Jones (anthea@ccmauctions.com) for details of either (we hope you keep your tix and come and see us on the rescheduled date. we promise to blow ya socks off to make up for it!)....

If you don't have a ticket, you can buy them by following the link...


Greece - the musical...Hi honey's - we're back! Rhodes Rock 09 was bigger, badder and better in every way possible - what an amazing event this is turning out to be! A full report will follow in the coming days. But just to say for now, not only a big thanks to all our tribute brothers and all the staff involved, but the biggest thank you ever to all the Thin Lizzy fans that turned out in such magnificent force to fly the flag for the Great Man and his music, urging us on to deliver a couple of the best shows we've ever turned out over there! LOVE YA! Email us to be first in the queue for advance details of next years festival.

Which brings us on to Rhodes To Wulfrun - The Rhodes Rock Reunion gig at the Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton next year on February 27th. Tickets (or should we say security codes - remember, our ticket service DOES NOT ISSUE A PAPER TICKET, making it the most secure way to secure your entry to the gig!) are available from the Tour Dates section of this site NOW! Like it's Greek sister event, this looks set to grow bigger and bigger each year. As well as featuring the previous year's lineup, plans are already being made to attempt to lift a couple of the best surprises from the main event itself. We promise it will be one of the biggest tribute events of next year. To get your tickets, follow the link...


IF IT AIN'T BROOK...on the subject of returns, we welcome back The Brook in Southampton into our gigging schedule. We'll be back there on Thursday December 10th this year, making it over a year since our last visit...wow! THIS GIG WILL SELL OUT - we strongly suggest you make moves towards getting your tickets NOW, just follow the link...


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