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Ruth Judd      9th September 2019, 2:44pm

Thank you for such a wonderful evening at Conkers on Saturday.

I don't get out very much any more due to rapidly deterioating health and having to take morphine, but your show was better than any pain killer! I only wish that I could have danced down at the front.

Your new guitarist is awsome and fits into the band superbly.

Many many thanks for making a fan of Thin Lizzy from 1976 very  happy.  I can't wait to see you again. you should be on prescription.X

Lady in the black hat      7th August 2019, 1:49pm
Thanks for a cracking gig in Preston gents!!! A first class gig by first class musicians !!!

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Wayne Ellis Greg Alcock Aid Todd Craig Price
Review: Limehouse Lizzy at Nantwich Civic Hall

Here is a review of an earlier show this year in Nantwich Civic Hall, courtesy of the The Nantwich News:


In a hall crammed with ageing rockers, fading denim and graying hair, hundreds of Thin Lizzy fans rolled back the years in front of one of the legendary band’s best tribute acts.And age was no barrier. By the end, the floor in front of the Nantwich Civic Hall stage was packed with head-banging air guitarists thanks to a memorable show by Limehouse Lizzy.

Wayne Ellis, Greg Alcock, Craig Price and Aid Todd have been delighting Lizzy fans for 25 years now. Yet, their energy and sheer joy at performing shone through last night as if it was their very first tribute to Phil Lynott and his gang From the moment they blasted on to the stage with mid 70s hit ‘Jailbreak, the crowd was gripped even if most were a little wary of ditching the zimmers to take to the floor.Other massive hits followed in the first half, including ‘The Rocker’, ‘Dancin’ in the Moonlight’ and ‘Black Rose’, providing an excellent blend of raw power and smooth melody. They finished the first part with two of the band’s later classics, ‘Chinatown’ and ‘Killer on the Loose’, the original reaching the top 10 back in the early 1980s.

The crowd’s creaking joints were suitably lubricated by the second half, and Limehouse packed the floor out with a series of stunning songs.Searing hits such as ‘Are You Ready?’ and ‘Cold Sweat’ were mixed in with more brilliant hits like ‘Waiting for an Alibi’ and ‘Don’t Believe a Word’. They built to a resounding finish as their powerful ballad ‘Still In Love With You’ and of course finishing with ‘Boys Are Back in Town’. The Civic was bouncing and the audience had its wish granted with a memorable encore performance of ‘Whiskey in the Jar’.

A quite stunning show which transported many of us – me included – back to those glorious hard rock years of the 70s and early 80s.Let’s hope these Lizzy stars continue to defy their age for another 25 years! 

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