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DECEMBER NEWS AND NEW TOUR DATES!      4th December 2014, 8:56pm

Bonjour, Guten Tag, Goedemorgen, Wha’gwan etc…


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(picture by Marty Moffatt)


It’s now been some time since yours truly (international division) have returned from our overseas Lizzy-standard bearing mission – and what a blast it was! A special THANK YOU should go out to Herve and his crew at the Blue Devils rock bar in Arras for stepping in at a very late hour to provide a fab likkul gig to break up our trek from Calais to Bensheim, Germany. A great bar, fabulous hospitality…sigh, why can’t they all be like this? 


But the icing on the Krispy Kreme (please note, Limehouse also favour other brands of doughnut and other such sugar-laden, dough based, fat-knacker comestibles) had to be on our night off, when the boys were invited as guests of legendary Californian hard-rockers Y&T at their gig at the Turock venue, Essen. Hob-nobbing, rubbing shoulders and general carousing and libation ensued a-plenty afterwards, as can be seen with Tim Lee and their NBF, drum supremo Mike Vanderhule….




Prior to our oversea mission, Holmfirth Picturedrome weaved its’ usual joyous magic which, to be honest, was easy when aided and abetted by an attendance of over 500! Gi-normous thanks to our special guests on the night, ‘Journey To Toto’, a tribute to…aww c’mon, have we really gotta say?! The following night around 300 of you turned up at The Grand, Clitheroe to help us round off one of the busiest and best weekends of the year.


Tah’night there’s gonna be a …” meanwhile, 2015 is already shaping up to be a burster – for instance, have we already mentioned the behemoth that is shaping up to be the ‘Jailbreak’ double-headline tour with Livewire and us? Are you sure we haven’t? Well…just in case…we’ve got the mutha of all tribute tours lined up with the bossest DeeCee facsimile, truss’ mi star, true dat (as all those who enter the Little Jamaica wing of Limehouse Towers are wanton to utter). Dates below…


a3 jailbreak-port-3-page-001JPEG

click above for tickets!


Pssst, WANNASEE summink… we’ve had a bit of a dearth of festivals of late, so an early mention for the what is growing to be one of the coolest tribute festivals, the WANNASEE Tribute Festival in Bishop Auckland. Yours truly are actually appearing on the Sunday (May 24th), which is rock night with tributes to the likes of AC/DC, Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Metallica and er, oh yeh, THIN LIZZY to name but a few. More info HERE.

Tour dates follow down to the end of April ’15 so check ‘em out!!... http://www.limehouselizzy.co.uk/index.php

LATEST NEWS - NEW TOUR DATE!      7th October 2014, 11:45pm

Good day everyone – or, as we say in the West Indian wing of Limehouse Towers, ‘Wha g’wan?’


Here is the news:



Our BEACON COURT TAVERN date on the 23rd of this month is now to be rescheduled to THURSDAY 29TH JANUARY 2015, the reason being that we have been asked to extend our European jaunt to play a show at the Blue Devils venue in Arras, France on the same day. We’re really sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment caused, but please know that if you’ve already bought a ticket, it will remain valid for the rescheduled date. Obviously, we would much prefer that you did this but if you’re desperate for a refund, please contact us via the website (only for valid for tickets purchased from our site).

Full details of our Blue Devils Arras show can be found here:



Prior to this, this week’s casual-yet-highly-focused jaunt out will encompass what is becoming a Thursday club fave for us, the candidly-candid, confectionery monikered MARRS BAR in Worcester, named after the eponymous owner, er, Marzy! Gigs such as this are, by default, becoming a rarity. If Leamington Spa’s Assembly is the Kim Kardashian of venues, then this would be the Jodie Marsh; slim, lean and sinewy but full of raawk ‘n’ roll attitude and can still serve up the foaming jugs (Oi! Careful!), brimful of brew with the best of ‘em. We’ve previously had some up-close, fierced-up, so-right-they’re-wrong ‘uns here – expect no less, this time…


SWINDON ARTS CENTRE stalks Marzy’s gaff on Friday, after last years splendiferous debut. Rumours are that rock band and celeb snapper Marty Moffat will be back, trimming off fat, wiping out warts and generally beautifying the unbeautiful thru the eyes of his trusty Leicas. So…nails done, weave washed, Spanx strainin’, self-tan tonked, hire a Herve Leger bandage dress, borrow some Louboutins and try to sneak in at the edge of the stage for some photo action. And that’s just the advice to the band…


THE TACKEROO in Hednesford on the 16th falls in line with the Marrs Bar-type of venue and  has gotta be the Courtney Love of clubs gigs! A bit worn, a bit shaky but by god’s teeth, when wound up and pointed in the right direction can flash ‘em, mash ‘em and spit venom when riled! Between band and venue, we will seduce you, Lizzy-style…


Following on, the PICTUREDROME, Holmfirth needs no intro, an absolute fan-fave in this picturesque setting, with a long-awaited and anticipated return to the aptly-named GRAND in Clitheroe bringing up the, er, rear. This is a pretty much state-of-the-art facility, glossily done out with obviously much monies spent, a pleasure to both perform and spectate.


Wight on, baby…right after playing our Thursday fave, the Oxford O2 Academy on the 30th, we’re pleased to announce a long-awaited return to the Isle Of Wight at the MEDINA THEATRE on the last day of the month. We’ve had a steady stream of enquiries as to our return since the questions hanging over the fate of the Ryde Theatre, so this is extreeemely welcome news. We can rely on your support for our debut there, of course…?


We’re Stoked…and finally, speaking of new venues, here’s one for the Stoke massive, who are probably, like us, are still rueing the demise of the beloved Queens Hotel. Weep no more – JJ’s in Hanley is looking to launch a rock tribute night starting with Yours Truly on the 1st November, which will hopefully go a long way to re-establishing this fiercely rock-loyal town to it’s former swaggering musical status. Join us?




Here’s the latest poster, share it around, and click the link for tickets!!


AUTUMN NEWS...      1st October 2014, 11:49am

Well, we’ve certainly hit the ground running on this, our second week back from the summer jolls. And, trust us, we’ve started as we mean to go on!


Old favourites are given that moniker cos that’s exactly what they are – reliable venues that work with the band to create great synergy, time after time. Add to that a bunch of crazy beautiful people (vis-a-vis YOU lot!) and voila, you have a pukkah night out! Hence,  Norwich Waterfront was its’ usual glorious Lynott cause celebre; the jewel on the south coast Hampshire coastline that remains the Wedgwood Rooms could only be described as elating – even after all these years – and ‘new kid’ Real Time Live in Chesterfield is fast becoming a staple on any jobbing band’s roster worth their g-string and felt beaters.


But surely, special mention must be reserved for the spectacle, the event that was the gig at the Conkers Amphitheatre in Moira, Leics on the 13th of this month (year of our lord etc). Remember the reconstitution…the amalgam…the molecular rebinding..the re-alloyed alliance that conjoined Yours Truly with LIVEWIRE/DC, the greatest AC/DC tribute outside of the titular artistes themselves to present You, our beloved audience with ‘FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK’ parts I & II? Well, we once again reconstituted, amalgamated, coagulated etc, et al, to test-run, precurse and relaunch the gargantuan behemoth that will translate, transmute and transmogrify into:


‘FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK 2015: JAILBREAK’ (taa-freakin’-daa!)




Wayne and Ash about to rock…


Yup, it’s true, we are pleased and proud to announce the return of our favourite and most successful alliance for a tour that will run over March and April next year, taking in some of the countries best venues:




Even we wouldn’t be that vain as to label it the tribute event of the year but then again…show us one that promises to be even half as incendiary (and trust us, judging by the amount of pyro being stockpiled, something will burn!)? And it was you guys that asked for the return, so…THANK YOU!






Let there be pyro…


Worth a wink…


St Mary’s Social in Radcliffe, Lancs requested a gig from us, so we’re obliging them this Thursday 25th. A small, intimate affair always makes for a gritty performance, so if you really wanna see this outfit earn its’ two shillings. come on over! Limited ticket numbers on this one…Hessle Town Hall on the 26th is becoming an awesome annual gig for us, drawing on the Hull Lizzy following (the mighty Springhead from back in the day and latterly, Fruit), whilst the Blue Lounge in the Floral Pavilion Theatre in New Brighton continues to be a fantastic upgrade from the old Pacific Rd Arts Centre in Berrrrrkin’ead (that’s Birkenhead to you and me, squire!) on the 27th.


Our inaugural gig at The Grapes in Bury St Edmunds (2nd October) appears to be causing delightful controversy?! Many of those who attended our Norwich Waterfront gig earlier this month seemed to be making a beeline for the ticket office after first blinking at us in disbelief! Er…is there summink we should know here? Wot’evor – first come first served, that’s all we can tell ya…the Assembly in Leamington Spa (3/10) continues to be a fave rave – the Kim Kardashian of venues, it’s like playing in some kind of upmarket Bacchanalian blinged-out theatre! And the original trailer as used by Tammy Wynette (we kid you not!) in the changing room is unbefreakinlievable! Nottingham Rock City (4/10) should well and truly finish the job and see you off until our next cyberspace rendezvooo…


All of our shows down until Christmas can be found on our TOUR DATES page, so check ‘em out!


‘Til the next time….

JULY NEWS      18th July 2014, 2:05pm

Dudes! Dudettes! Limedawgs! Limettes! Homies! Ho...


Er, maybe we should stop there before we get punched! But, suffice to say that summer is well and truly ensconced in our fair land and let us tell ya, sittin' in the back of that van with your extremities gittin' poached like 2 boiled eggs in a hanky is NO way for grown men to carry themselves on. But as we love, cherish and adore yous, such is the cross we willingly bear...


Now then, GIGS...it's what we do. And by god's teeth, have we had some utter corkers along the way! It seems the hotter the gig, the hotter the band play! Take THE GARAGE in Swansea, for instance; whilst we love the big theatres, when you get a venue so small and intimate that you can almost hear the audience change their minds, well...you can run but you can't hide. Blistering gig, great audience interaction! And at newbie-but-awesome THE LEYTON INSTITUTE in Blackpool, they made the mistake of giving us...a runway? Well! The dubiously magnificent. if cumbersome sight of each of the 3 guitarists of Limehouse attempting a run-up and take-off surely will haunt many a punter for some time to come...and they did it again at COLCHESTER ARTS CENTRE! Tim 'Concorde' Read and Wayne 'Boeing' Ellis, permission to launch, please! Some folk never learn...sigh.


Now by the time this cyber-epistle reaches you, 2 beaut new gigs may have been and gone. But if not, on the 17th, NO.1 SHAKESPEARE STREET in the Bardlands of Stratford-Upon-Avon is a must for all those looking for a Cox's Yard replacement fix. And, weather permitting - which is currently looking almost a cert - the day after on the 18th will see us play an outdoor set in the courtyard of ALEXANDER'S LIVE in Chester. Bring ya own banger-fork, this promises to be such a hoot, with no wellies required!


If the weather holds out, one of our firm faves, BOOTLEGGERS in Kendal in the gorgeous Lake District could well turn out to be one of the sweetest gigs of the summer, especially if you make like Lizzy diehards (and good Limehouse mates) Ray & Teresa Alston, who are traveling all the way from Sudbury to spend a long weekend in the Lakes. That's how you do t'ings, peeps!


The south-west jewel in the crown remains THE WHARF in Tavistock, hip-swaying and sashaying in on the 1st August, closely followed by the utmost welcome return to THE FLEECE in Bristol on the 9th, who finally 'saw the light' and reinstated the rock tribs! So, normal service is resumed at one of our more raucous gigs over the years...



people out in Hollywood...live their lives out in black & white

Thanks to Becky Lewis for the piccy!



The BUSHEY SPORTS & SOCIAL makes its' Laboutin-heeled shimmering entrance on the 2nd of August. The Horns in Watford isn't until the year end so we request your presence to  join us for our summer Watford-gap filler.

Bringing up the rear, the powerful but lithe RUSHDEN ATHLETIC CLUB in Rushden, Northants makes its' premiership debut on the 9th August.

Hullbridge Sports Club in Hullbridge, is The Only Way we'll Play Essex this summer on the 16th August



Well actually, that bit about Essex is untrue. We're gonna two-time with the  return of an old flame in the shapely form of THE SQUARE in Harlow on the 16th August. Yeh, you read right - the return of The Square! Be there, or be...oh, it doesn't matter! 


But surely the blockbuster release of the summer HAS to be the reuniting of yours truly with Livewire/DC at THE CONKERS AMPHITHEATRE in Moira, S.Derbyshire to re-enact those mighty 'For Those About To Rock' double-headline tours! Over our 100 year tenure in this business, this has always remained one of the more explosive (literally!) highlights when the 2 acts lock horns. And in the beautiful natural setting of the Conkers Amphitheatre, this will be a nigh on perfect evening out for fans of Classic Rock.


It's summer. It's Thin Lizzy. You know you want to. 

JUNE 2014- Latest News!!      4th June 2014, 8:42am

Salutations, felicitations…and welcome to our May newsletter!


Hope you all enjoyed those 2 days of warmer weather (aka ‘British Summertime’) but please don’t forget to keep supporting your local bands/musicians if they are playing indoors! If you can’t stand the heat, we have booked some outdoor shows for the summer months, so keep checking the website and newsletters!




The customary riotous blast has been enjoyed whilst out on the road playing for y’all, with some sell out bunged in along the way in DerbySouthend and Sudbury. And none more so than with ‘Treacle’ Trev and the crew at Heacham Hall over in Norfolk. Ta Trev – same again next year?


Tried a new venue over in Penarth at the legendary Paget Rooms which has hosted the likes of Welsh prog-rock giants ‘Man‘ in the past (who recorded their imaginatively titled 6th album ‘Live at the Paget Rooms, Penarth’ down there). Big thanks to all who turned out for one of the more mental shows this year. We’ve never seen so many empty Strongbow cans in our lives…


And the spiffingly good night over at Skipton Town Hall that we’ve now come to expect materialised right on cue. Completely sold out, but unfortunately some had to miss out due to the building work. Big thanks to Judith and all the staff for their help and their ‘show must go on’ approach, and we have been assured that the venue will be back to normal when we return next year.


And now, some timely notes and reminders for upcoming fixtures…


‘BALL IN THE HALL…calling all footie lovers! With regard to our Blackburn King George’s Hall bash on June 14th – which happens to be the day England play Italy in a World Cup group match -  we’ve liaised with FIFA for kick-off to commence at 11pm, whilst we’ve sportingly agreed to wind our gig up by 10.30pm. They’re happy, we’re happy and you should be too – Lizzy then footie on the same evening? Better than Sunday rumpy with the missus or girlfriend. Or both…




NEWSFLASH FOR SOLO MASH’ BASH…a nudge about our June 13th gathering at Masham Town Hall - we’ve had some ‘kin ace supports there in the past - Meanstreak and the fantabulously monikered Steroid Freak Pussy being amongst the most memorable – but for this one we’ve decided to simply do 2 biiiiiiig sets of Lizzy. Whaddya think? Please let us know your preferences, if you’d rather us have on a guest act or if you’d prefer more from us?




DUMFRIES GO WITH THAT SHAKE?…we’ve got a newbie coming up on June 12th in the voluptuous form of The Venue, Dumfries. Being a midweek gig, we’re onstage at a slightly early time of 8.30pm, as a nod to those of you who require bairnsitters or are up for work early. Again, this is in reaction to feedback we’ve gleaned from your good selves – keep it coming!




WE GOT A LIVE ONE HERE…Now, this IS big news – we have a ‘Let There Be Rock’ mega-tour reunion with our bestest tribute chums and old stage-sparrers. LIVEWIRE - probably the best AC/DC tribute in the world  this summer! CONKERS AMPHITHEATRE in Moira, Leics, our fave-summer-rave, on September 13th!! Ahhh, you guys got it toooo good….


Now then…could this be a precursor, a warm-up, a loose-limbering for summat…well, bigger? Hmmm, whooo, ahhh, well…best keep your ears open, eyes peeled and senses generally on high alert for clues, hints, nudges and winks. And we shall say no more for now…


Our full gig is online HERE with full info. on all gigs going up until our Summer break in August... See you out there…

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