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WAYNE SICKNOTE UPDATE:      28th January 2016, 12:30pm

Further news on the Return Of The (Big)Mac - after a Tuesday consultation with his witchdo…er, consultant, the shock news for our fading Supergob is that he has now been told to rest up until mid-March. Meaning that the all-clear for his proposed return should be late March (please note, the medics are extremely reluctant to commit to actual dates for obvious reasons…i.e, the Brothers will come and git ‘em!).

Meanwhile, the reports on ‘stand-in’ Paul Johnson’s performances are nothing but glowing - it seems he’s being exceedingly well-received by the Lizzy Massive at every show (somebody,  somewhere who uses vast amounts of hair-care products is getting nervous….).

So, apologies (or congratulations!) to those who thought they’d be seeing the Naomi Campbell of the tribute world at the helm but will be party to the particularly pulse-racing prowess of bass-pummelling and lung-puncturing vocals of Sir Paul and the usual Limehouse beauties backing him up on stage.

A final word from old Deathbed Dan: “you know I don’t do Facebook and the like but I want to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to all the well-wishers who have contacted me personally or via social-media, it has been very touching. And thanks also to you all for supporting and receiving Paul so graciously (and totally deservedly) and to Paul himself for stepping up to plate so magnificently with such short notice. ’Til the next time!”

Ok, you’ve got the Oscar - now turn it in, son….

PS: for anyone who bought tickets for the Leek and Evesham shows, the shows have been rescheduled and your tickets remain valid. Please see tour dates here: http://www.limehouselizzy.co.uk/tour_dates.php.


‘Til the next time…


Wayne, Greg, Tim and Lee

HAPPY NEW YEAR!      7th January 2016, 3:11pm

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for your amazing support throughout 2015!!


…And so, we re-embark upon on our hoary tale from whence we curtailed in our last epistle - largely to bequeath upon you, dear reader, vital information about the impending shoulder operation about to be bestowed upon our fearless frontman and all-round Lynott imposter…er…er…whatever name he’s going under this week and how it may affect your Lizzy-loving nocturnal activities.

Years of (mal)practising weight training via the little-known Billy Bunter Method and also horrific crimes committed under the guise of bass-playing have finally caught up with the miscreant. Enough to render him used up and worn out enough to fall beneath the surgeon’s knife for bone-spur removal and tendon surgery (an enquiry regarding lone brain cell replication via stem call procedures have thus far been ignored, as was the one to have fat removed from his ego to make candles and soap for 500 deprived households…may as well get it all done at once, eh?).

His op will take place on January 8th. There has so far been a conspicuous, telling and frankly, embarrassing lack of well-wishers bidding him a speedy recovery and swift return to work. Funny, that?

ANYHOW….anticipated gigs revelling in his absenteeism are:


8 Brickcroft Club ROCHDALE

9 Corn Exchange STAMFORD

15 Customs House SOUTH SHIELDS

16 Brickyard CARLISLE

22 Drill Hall LINCOLN

23 Platform MORECAMBE

Please note, both the Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek on 14th Jan, and Iron Road inEvesham on 21st Jan are in the process of being rescheduled. All tickets remain valid, we’ll email the new dates asap and put them up on our website…

And now, the good news! We are pleased and proud to announce the stand-in replacement is none other than PAUL ‘FASKER’ JOHNSON, a vocalist and bass-player whose musical achievements are actually a bit too lengthy to recount here. But some of the more notable are tours, performances and recordings with Saxon, John Parr, Paul Carrack and even a stint with Ozzy Osbourne. Paul is known throughout this end of the industry as a phenomenal talent and we cannot thank him enough for the gracious gesture he is making. 

The fact that Ru Paul, Norman Beaton Jnr, Lenny Henry, Linford Christie and Rusty Lee all declined our invitation, citing ‘busy’ as an excuse only serves to compound the magnitude of the size of both job and boots they would have to fill….


Rich pickings for Blackmail Snaps…

As mentioned previously, an old friend of Limehouse, RICH DAVENPORT, has put together a new hard rock squad called BLACKMAIL SNAPS, who’s new album debuts at the end of January (see the advert below). Rich and Limehouse go back many years to when we were primarily a London based outfit and us and his then-band Through The Storm appeared on many a bill together.

We’ll be teaming up with Rich once again when he and the band make a guest appearance with us at Manchester’s Academy gig in February. Meanwhile, you can sample what Blackmail Snaps have on offer with a FREE mp3 sampler from their website - details below.

Otherwise, you slinky-hipped bunch, please check out the first of our Tour That Never Ends (2016 to..Infinity & Beyond!) dates below! 





Check out up and coming UK Hard Rockers THE BLACKMAIL SNAPS - ......at times recalling the blue-collar authenticity of AC/DC but with a distinctly British edge... with a little UFO and Thin Lizzy thrown in for good measure... Worship Metal UK.

Go to www.blackmailsnaps.com now and get a FREE SONG (MP3) from their forthcoming new album 'When One Door Close, Smash A Window

Album released Friday 22nd January 2016  - pre-order your copy now for only £5 (plus shipping) with the Early Bird Discount!



HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!      23rd December 2015, 2:55pm

“Twas the gigs before Christmas…”

Just to post what will probably be the final roundup of the years news and happenings.

We’re playing the Academy in Manchester on February 27th which is always a monster of a gig. Further to this, some of you may remember as far back as the ’90’s when we played host to several guest spots for our old mate RICH DAVENPORT and his then-band Through The Storm. Following further stints as a stand-up comedian (!) and radio dj (a role which he still occupies – check out http://www.totalrock.com/), he has now emerged with his new hard rock crew, THE BLACKMAIL SNAPS.

Rich and the band will be guesting with us at the Academy, where they will be showcasing tracks from their new album ‘When One Door Close, Smash A Window”. Worship Metal Uk reviewed them thus: “……at times recalling the blue-collar authenticity of AC/DC but with a distinctly British edge… with a little UFO and Thin Lizzy thrown in for good measure…” More news in the New Year.


And, oh yeah – it looks like a couple of January’s early gigs will be going ahead without Wayne! He’s undergoing a shoulder operation in the second week of the New Year that will put him out of action for a week or two. However, we have a truly excellent replacement stepping up to undertake bass and vocal duties – more details to follow in the New Year’s newsletter (bah – don’t you just hate it when people do that?!)

Allow us  take this opportunity to wish every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

We cannot thank you all enough for your tremendous support throughout the year, and for keeping the fires burning for the memory of our hero Philip Lynott simply by coming along and rocking out with us at so many shows.


As we play out our final dates of our 2015 tour, please check out the rest of our tour dates here:




‘Til the next time…


 Wayne, Greg, Tim and Lee

NOVEMBER NEWS!      11th November 2015, 1:38pm

Hey You. Yes, YOU!

As autumn deigns to bestow it's beautiful colours upon us, from the russet hues of falling leaves, to the very same of Julians hair dye, so is the need for an update of all things Limehouse, as we enter our busiest time of year. All of our tour dates down until Christmas follow below, so please think early of  loved ones and bestow the gift that keeps on giving, the feted Limehouse gig ticket...

We had a bangin' summer, although tinged with a touch of sadness as we played our last show at the Square in Harlow. Unfortunately this staple of the Essex gig circuit is being demolished, but all is not lost as it is to be relocated to a spanking new premises in due course. We’ll keep you posted on developments and hopefully play at the new place when it opens…

One of our first shows back after the summer break was a blistering double-header at Conkers Amphitheatre in Moira, reuniting us with our brothers in fake rockness, Livewire DC. With a turnout of over 700 punters shoehorned in, not only was it a riotous assembly, they literally drank the bars dry! We cannot thank the esteemed promotor, organiser and general all-round top geezer ‘Pete the Shirt’ for not only masterminding this special event and making it it the success that it is, but for also including us in so many of them.





We have had some great shows since Conkers too - BANGED OUT in Burgess Hill, SOLD OUT in Sudbury, MOBBED in Mickleton, FULLY-LOADED in Leicester, and TOPPED UP in Tamworth!!

On the subject of Tamworth, the Assembly Rooms will be closing for a full refurb in Feb 2016 and will be shut for about 18 months. Watch this space though, we will be returning once the work is done and this venue returns better than ever...

Urgent, URGENT! Also, hot off the press, we have just announced a NEW GIG on Saturday 19th December. We are playing a new venue, the NEW CONTINENTAL in PRESTON. Hopefully this will replace the now defunct 53 Degrees, and a perfect setting for the Limehouse Lancashire Christmas knees-up! Tickets are available on line HERE. Get 'em early this will be packed!!

Keep an eye out for our advert in the Sunday Mirror on the 15th Nov, and don't forget to shoot us an email back if you have any suggestions for a venue where you'd like to see us play.


‘Til the next time...

Wayne, Greg, Tim and Lee

JULY NEWS!      29th July 2015, 10:52am

Cha’ mon, y’all –

tighty-whities, budgie-smugglers, uplifters, spanx belly trainers at the ready…IT’S SUMMER! And check us out leading the charge with our recent foray to St Tropez for the Harley Davidson Euro Rally.


Another hard day at the office…

It was a kick-ass weekend lineup, with us sharing the bill with none other than Mott the Hoople/Bad Company legend MICK RALPHS. So, aside from largin’ it in the sun on our beach hut veranda sipping mojitos and Colt 45’s (and a celebratory, if cautious, Warninks advocaat for Julian, natch…), we also got to hear some of the finest ‘choons in classic rock history – ‘Feel Like Making Love’ and ‘Can’t Get Enough of Your Love’ amongst others. Mick, Dickie and the band were all top chaps too, great having a drink and a chat with them all after. For one special moment we actually felt like a real band….sigh.


Limehouse HQ in St Tropez

It truly was a gig to die for, massive thanks to Suzanne and her team for putting together and involving us in such a magnificent event – and good job we flew out early after fog at Nice airport saw us diverted to Marseille (read: Limehouse in ‘actually on time’ shocker!)…


Whilst our last gig was an epic event of gargantuan gravitas, brobdinagian boisterousness, preponderous proportion, and generally an all round reet good time chuck, it was also tinged and tainted with a slight misty veil of sadness, imbued with a searing sense of loss and longing when we played the Corn Hall in Diss (why, is that the Simon Bates ‘Our Tune’ music we hear in the distance?). A fantastic turnout, but alas the venue is a listed building and must now close for some extensive repair work. The timescale for this is uncertain at the moment, but we are hoping to make a return in 2017, and wish Angela and all the staff there the very best, we know the Corn Hall will be back. Bigger. Better. Stronger. Faster. And totally bionic once we have rebuilt her. Him? It!

Seaside special

Got the chance to catch up with a couple of Blighty’s bestest tribs when we played at the Giants of Rock event in Southend. Openers were our old buddies ‘Who’s Who’ (some of you will have seen us with them last year at Conkers Ampitheatre in Moira last year). Yes bwoy, a powerhouse of a set that got the crowd fully pumped ‘n’ primed for a full dose of Limehouse, then to close proceedings we had ‘Not the Rolling Stones’ camping it up with moo-ooh-ooh-oves like Jagger, and a knockout set of Stones classics from across the years.

Justice for all…

And a special mention for all of you who rocked up and out at our show at Colchester Arts Centre! We had one of our favourite original acts and Honorary Limehouse Brother, TOMMY JUSTICE – he of the old rocker head on handsome young shoulders – as special guest, and it was HEAVING! Both bands were filming their sets, and we hope to have some live footage up very soon.

Live Life…

And finally, just a quick mention of a couple of new venues for us – always a joyous occasion, what with so many independent still feeling the squeeze and some sadly, even going under. September 25th sees our inaugural at THE ALDRIDGE ARENA in Walsall in the Midlands. And the night before on September 24th, we make our debut at THE LOVESHACK, Durham. Lastly (but not leastly) we also have a new venue in Ipswich – make sure you get down to the MUSIC ROOM on October 10th!! So chaps and chapesses, your patronage and support in that kindly way that you do, will be very much appreciated and welcomed.


We’ve just had a cancellation on SATURDAY 26th SEPTEMBER by a promoter who’s just lost his venue in a bizarre gardening accident. Any venue, promoters or agencies reading that feel they can help us fill this date will not only receive our heartfelt gratitude but also full promotional support by way of national press advertising, e-newsletter and social media support (Facebook,Twitter, Instagram etc) and enough posters and flyers to make a paper-mâché arc to sail into the sunset and bog off with the rich pickings at the end of the night….

Fancy it? Contact us at limehouselizzy@yahoo.co.uk or via our Facebook page, whichever suits.

All our tour dates down to the end of October are on our 'TOUR DATES' page, so pin ‘em on your fridge, tatt ‘em on the inside of your eyelids, screen save ‘em on your phone, scribe ‘em on the bedroom ceiling (but make sure it’s your own!) and…generally anywhere to keep ‘em in mind…

‘Til the next time…

Wayne, Greg, Tim and Lee

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