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Review: Limehouse Lizzy at Nantwich Civic Hall      4th October 2018, 3:12pm

Here is a review of an earlier show this year in Nantwich Civic Hall, courtesy of the The Nantwich News:


In a hall crammed with ageing rockers, fading denim and graying hair, hundreds of Thin Lizzy fans rolled back the years in front of one of the legendary band’s best tribute acts.And age was no barrier. By the end, the floor in front of the Nantwich Civic Hall stage was packed with head-banging air guitarists thanks to a memorable show by Limehouse Lizzy.

Wayne Ellis, Greg Alcock, Craig Price and Aid Todd have been delighting Lizzy fans for 25 years now. Yet, their energy and sheer joy at performing shone through last night as if it was their very first tribute to Phil Lynott and his gang From the moment they blasted on to the stage with mid 70s hit ‘Jailbreak, the crowd was gripped even if most were a little wary of ditching the zimmers to take to the floor.Other massive hits followed in the first half, including ‘The Rocker’, ‘Dancin’ in the Moonlight’ and ‘Black Rose’, providing an excellent blend of raw power and smooth melody. They finished the first part with two of the band’s later classics, ‘Chinatown’ and ‘Killer on the Loose’, the original reaching the top 10 back in the early 1980s.

The crowd’s creaking joints were suitably lubricated by the second half, and Limehouse packed the floor out with a series of stunning songs.Searing hits such as ‘Are You Ready?’ and ‘Cold Sweat’ were mixed in with more brilliant hits like ‘Waiting for an Alibi’ and ‘Don’t Believe a Word’. They built to a resounding finish as their powerful ballad ‘Still In Love With You’ and of course finishing with ‘Boys Are Back in Town’. The Civic was bouncing and the audience had its wish granted with a memorable encore performance of ‘Whiskey in the Jar’.

A quite stunning show which transported many of us – me included – back to those glorious hard rock years of the 70s and early 80s.Let’s hope these Lizzy stars continue to defy their age for another 25 years! 

AND HERE IS THE NEWS      11th September 2018, 8:40pm
Bonjour, Olá, Wassup & Wha’gwan?
Ready for a ride in the Lizzymobile? We’re rested, refreshed and rarin’ to go….
A return to FAT LILS in Witney, Oxfordshire on September 20th ends a 4 year hiatus away. We never really got the chance to establish this restaurant-cum-music venue on our roster, so we’re looking forward to unfinished business. The ace burgers have nowt to do with it, honest guvnor… TICKETS/INFO. HERE
Following on from last year’s debut appearance, September 22nd, sees a much anticipated return to the magnificent gem hitherto known as THE ATKINSON in the quintessentially  English picturesque seaside town of  Southport. An atmospheric stage and great acoustics straddle breathtaking decor… a ‘proper’ venue one could say, what’s not to like? Please note, ties and leather chaps are the strict dress code… TICKETS/INFO. HERE
Please be in attendance for our inaugral in Blackburn on October 6th, at the THWAITES EMPIRE THEATRE. Yes, it’s a newbie and we’d love to make a big impression in order to get the all-important invite back in ’19. We need a full-house - and we ain’t talking bingo (are you gonna bingo?) TICKETS/INFO. HERE
Oh woe, news of the demise of that grape gig, Fruit in city of  Hull left us all melon-choly. Fear not! We’ve managed to orange an equally suitable pear-ing at O’RILEYS (oh really? No - O’RILEYS!) on October 11th, which is fast becoming the go-to music venue of choice in the manor. We’ll apple-y relocate (groan!)… TICKETS/INFO. HERE
Do you realise that our gig in BADDLEY GREEN in Stoke on October 19th will be our last foray into the Potteries for the final time this year? And of course it’s pretty much always over subscribed, with such a raucous, totally ‘up-for-it’ crowd. Come on down - or up - and jostle your way to the front and wave your hands in the air like yer Spanx won’t tear… TICKETS/INFO. HERE
It has been piggin’ AGES since we’ve been to Scarborough - we mean, like, years! THE APOLLO BAR lends us its stage on October 20th for a well overdue return! Their aim is to pick up on the heady days of the PSV Club and the inglorious Murrays Bar, which is tickety-boo by us… TICKETS/INFO HERE
The last time we played Blackpool was when we had a magnificent gig at the bangin’ LEYTON SOCIAL back in ‘17. Why, they even put a runway out into the audience for us…can you imagine the clashing of egos as we jostled for space on that one?? Then….nothing. Nowt, Nada, NISH!. It all went quiet. So you can imagine our joy when young Arron inflated his cojones, took a deep breath and only went and bought the blessed place - and gave us November 10th for a relaunch - huzzah!  Bare-asss  skinny-dipping in the sea after, anyone? Brrrrrrrrr, not on your nelly…. TICKETS/INFO HERE
Please note that because we love you and care about your welfare, wellbeing and future of your children, we try to make an earlier start on Thursday gigs in order to accommodate last buses, babysitters, work in the morning etc. So stage times will be between 8 and 8.30pm with performance endings as close to 10.30pm as possible. The fact that our hotel bars tend to shut at midnight has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on this public information nugget.
’Til the next time…

GONE - but not for Cotton...      25th August 2018, 8:00am

Just to let you know that tickets for THE COTTON CLUB in Dartford for September 21st are now SOLD OUT. See? What did we tell ya? Don't we keep hollerin' at ya to BUY EARLY? Give me strength.... 

WISH YOU WERE HERE...      9th August 2018, 12:00pm

THIS WEEKEND hosts our final dates before we down tools for our summer hiatus. Friday night finds us at VENUE 73 (formerly THE RITZ) in Brighouse. A fabulously restored old cinema building with great acoustics, the band is always at it's best at venues such as these and we should also be sporting 'full production'...read, you'll be bombed out of the building by Julian's pyro blasts! Onstage at 8.30pm.

And Saturday will see us at THE TRIBUTE TO ROCK festival at The Hop Farm in Paddock Wood, Kent. A short, sharp Greatest Hits set with pyro, bells and whistles crammed into an hour, all delivered at 8pm onstage. Come and join us for along summer goodbye?

25th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 1993-2018      23rd April 2018, 9:59am

Check out our 25th ANNIVERSARY tour dates!


All added down to the end of August!!


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