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Tammy Sargeant      31st March 2017, 11:17pm
Fab night in Wimborne. Thanks to the guys for giving my little boy the picks. He's made up and will be using them. He can't wait to see you again. #babyguitarist #inspiredandenjoyed thanks
Rob Corbett      27th March 2017, 2:32pm

Great gig at Rock City in Nottingham on Friday 24th March boys and well done JJ........he knows how to play a Les Paul Gibbo. You guys were on FIRE! 

Martin Romanovsky      26th March 2017, 8:35pm
Limehouse Lizzy at Zephyr Lounge Leamington Spa Saturday 25/2017: Wow, wow, wow!!!! You guys rock.  Thank you so much for another stunning performance replicating that superb Thin Lizzy sound. Absolutely brilliant. I've seen you perform so many times now that I've lost count but you never disappoint.  To anyone who hasn't seen Limehouse Lizzy play l would say ........ "You're missing out!!!!" You MUST see this fantastic band.
Graham & Annette      21st March 2017, 2:36pm

storming night at the Horn St Albans,

always deliver the fantastic Lizzy sound

thanks for the birthday shout out

till the next time Graham & Annette

Pam Charo      27th February 2017, 1:17pm
Wayne thanks for Wild One at Stockton and thanks Scott for standing in for Tim..Hoping Tim is on the mend and that he will be fit for MICKLETON on 6th May. Cracking venue for getting up close and personal. CAN'T WAIT!
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