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Sherene      8th June 2017, 10:18am
Yes I was at the East Grinstead show too, great night out head bangging, don^t know about this sitting down lark though !!!!!!!!!! Gloucester show earlier this year has been the best one so far I"ve seen! even had fireworks.  Any chance of putting Brighton on your sat nav please? it"s only another hour down the road. 
Bob jeffery      3rd June 2017, 2:36pm
Saw you guys for the 5th last night at East Grinstead, very impressed with the new line up.   I must say what a guitarist Craig Price is, I thought he was outstanding, I have always rated Greg and I thought Tim was good, but this guy is the "dogs bollocks".  Wayne you lead the band with humour and exceptional professionalism, your banter with the audience is outstanding.   2 small points, your vocals kept going in and out so a lot of your voice was missed, whoever is mixing this should pick this up, the louder you sang the clearer it become, and early on Gregs loudness control was a bit distorted, I am a true fan of your Lnynott legacy so can appreciate that live music is a once in a moment experience. You and the band "smashed it out of the park" last night, I, am my friends went home suitably entertained... Can't wait until next time, but seriously, what a find on guitar....
john      30th May 2017, 12:42pm
I saw the band for the first time at the Wannasee festival in Bishop Auckland. I was massively impressed - a superb show. I've already booked to see them again in Sheffield next month. Awesome.
Malcolm      27th May 2017, 12:10am
What a great gig at Derby this evening.  The new additions to the band Craig & Ade provided a seamless transfer 'of power' to an outstanding band and I thought the overall performance was superb, possibly even better than previously, which is saying something.  Great stuff - keep it going fellas.
Coopes      8th May 2017, 4:38pm

Mickleton, what a great venue.

Fantastic as usual, new guys blending in soooo well. Till the next time.



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