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Coopes      8th May 2017, 5:38pm

Mickleton, what a great venue.

Fantastic as usual, new guys blending in soooo well. Till the next time.



Andy Lynam      6th May 2017, 8:39am
Brilliant gig in Newcastle last night, so much so I can hardly speak for all the singing and shouting I did. Wayne and Greg, you were as awesome as ever and Craig and Adrian arr brilliant new additions to the band. Adrian certainly has that Brian Downey groove thing down and what an awesome guitarist Craig is.  It was a pleasure to bump into Craig and Adrian at Trillians after the gig as well. You're really nice guys as well as great musicians. Look forward to seeing you all next time you come our way. Cheers.
Glyn Cooper      3rd May 2017, 8:34pm
Looking forward to seeing you guys North of the border in Glasgow on the 4th, Seen you many times from St. Ives to Glasgow and many placed in between. Never disappointed
Jonathan & Julie       28th April 2017, 8:46pm
Thanks for playing Southport fellas. All seater was a bit of a novelty! Will be at Blackpool and Kendal. Hope you'll be at the Platform in Morecambe again soon. Cheers! PS turns out the guy who kept shouting for SILWY had escaped from a secure hospital somewhere 😃
Richard Turner      28th April 2017, 11:01am

2nd time seeing these guys in the last few weeks. First time at Manchester Academy and then last night at The Atkinson in Southport (their first time). Brilliant as before (and always it seems). New members were seemless! If you haven't made the effort to see them DO IT! Great raport with an ever appreciateive audience. See you at Rock of Ages Blackpool! 

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