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Alan Telford      17th January 2018, 9:02pm
thanks for a brilliant gig at the riverside sat night you fellas are top notch musicians
Paul Lawson      16th January 2018, 1:46pm
Excellent gig on Saturday night guys at the Riverside in Newcastle, thanks to Julian for his help and a big thanks to the band members especially Aid and Wayne, won't go into details but again big thanks, see you next time you are in the north east
Ray Bispham      9th January 2018, 1:29pm
Hi All, we have our tickets for your gig at Nantwich Civic! There's group of 10 of us coming so see you all on Friday the 19th January!! 
Ray Bispham.

Tiny      9th January 2018, 8:25am
What a show last night in Stamford. You guys rocked. You are a fabulous trubute band.  Loved the stand in guitarist whoever he was. Thanks for another great show
One job bob      6th January 2018, 11:26am
Thanks for a great night in Rochdale....excellent as always..Have a great 2018 boys.
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