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Malc May      16th February 2018, 3:49pm

Saw the Band at Hertford last night: AWESOME!

Total dedication to Phil and the boys, great audience connection like I've never seen before and absolutely unreal playing. Best tribute ever! 

Looking forward to seeing them again and again now!!!

Phil and Tracey Middleton      30th January 2018, 5:10pm
Saw the band at Butlins Giants of Rock, awesome set, for us the best band of the weekend. Its been a few years since we last saw the band and they just get better, shame about the short set but thats just Butlins! We will be seeing them soon. Keep it up guys.
Wendy      28th January 2018, 5:14pm
just seen them at Giants of Rock Minehead.  Best band so far by a mile
Paul Delaney      19th January 2018, 5:42pm

Great Gig at Leek last night, stand out tracks were an impromptu 'Running Back' and 'Got to give it up' was superb, excellent guitar playing on that one. 

Keep the Lizzy Flag flying guys! 

Gill Housley      19th January 2018, 10:49am
Excellent gig last night at the Foxlowe - Leek. Just brilliant
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