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Sam Smith      12th August 2018, 9:19pm
Really loved the set at the Tribute to Rock festival at the Hop Farm, cheers guys!
Tony & Lin      6th August 2018, 1:53pm

Hi Guys just like to say a big thanks for bringing my favourite band back on stage you should be proud of yourselves I have seen you 4 times now and you are true professionals always bringing a great show to where ever you play . Rock on Lizzy !!!!



Haelie      27th July 2018, 11:59am
I first saw this band when I was 15! An amazing band my all time favourite tribute act out there keeping the great Phil lynotts music alive 
FOR THE ATTENTION OF WAYNE      24th July 2018, 1:39pm
Hi Wayne HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  Another year older, but another year wiser !      Do you have a Limehouse Lizzy T shirt I could have or borrow please  I want to wear it to the Kent gig   free advertising for ya.  See you all at Watford  Lady in the Black hat
john carpenter       24th July 2018, 9:05am

great gig saturday at the half moon,thanks for the tribute...much respect to you all you guys crew included, rockin the house down as usual 

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